Hello and welcome!

This Wednesday evening, 8th December, the online class time will change to start at 8pm and last for 75 minutes.  It's school parents evening time again!

To remind you that Thursday mornings online yoga continue at the new time of 9.15am every week.


Thanks to everyone who came to the East Dulwich yoga workshop on Saturday 4th December and helped make it a great session.   

For online classes on Zoom, take a look at the 'book online' page. 

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like further info or if you'd like to discuss private one to one sessions.  Private sessions can be invaluable if you have had a change in health and feeling unsure how to manage in a general class, or if you're super busy and can't quite make it to general classes, or if you prefer having the sole attention of a teacher who can tailor the class completely to your needs. 

See you soon 



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